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OfferUp Brand Refresh

 OfferUp Brand Refresh


OfferUp’s old logo, app icon and overall brand was a few years old and becoming outdated. A few members on the design team worked together to freshen up the visual look. Our goal was to make the logo more legible and modern. I designed the final logo that is used today.

My Role:

Visual Designer


OU Logo Exploration.png

I did a lot of explorations with different weights and fonts. In the end, I designed a custom typeface to be used for the final logo.

OU Copy.png

We wanted to see how the new logo would look using a new visual system. I designed a few styles utilizing different shapes and colors.



ARROW 02.png

With a new modern logo, we wanted our entire brand that match that. Here are some explorations of how that might look.


FInal Logo.png